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SIRA established a natural energy resources division, with the aim of developing hybrid energy systems to face load-shedding and rolling blackout.

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Cyber Security

SIRA offers a series of services aimed at defining, designing, implementing and managing solutions for the security of systems and networks, according with national and international safety standards (National Scheme, IS 17799, ITSEC, Common Criteria).

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Excellent knowledge of standard practices, methods, technologies and specific issues.

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SIRA realizes the entire production process of electronic boards: from customer requirements to production.

About us

1992-2019: We celebrate our 27 years!

Founded in 1992, SIRA has always worked in the field of information technology and systems with connotations of competence, reliability and technological innovation, thanks to highly specialized multidisciplinary professional experiences. This allowed its inclusion in challenging programs of big private companies and public administration in the fields of defense and space, information and communication security, telecommunications and electronics. It then extended its attention to multimedia communication, creating systems for the management of operating activities adopted by large institutions with offices and branches open to the public. In recent years it has increased the interest in foreign markets where it has extended its activities in the field of alternative energies, gaining significant know-how in stand-alone and hybrid photovoltaic systems. SIRA has also developed solutions and implemented innovative products, with a peculiar focus for emerging countries, where the growth collides with the major issue of electricity shortages. The aim of SIRA is customer satisfaction, achieved by providing services, systems and qualified products with advanced technologies and software-tools. To achieve the goal, the company is based on flexible business organization, able to give assistance to specific customer requirements.

  • The company has always been concerned on the advanced technologies with particular attention to development in the global markets. R&D is carried out in the Italian Head quartieres, sometimes also in cooperation with universities. The most successful products have been FAREYE ® a system for remote support and communication, through internet released on 1997, Genius ® a multimedia product for queue management, used in about 4,000 Italian Post Offices and EMS, a hybrid energy smart grid node solution.

  • SIRA takes care about the health of our planet and of the people who live disadvantaged by the geographic position or by the economic conditions. The commitment in the energy sector is therefore also intended to promote and spread the use of alternative energy with low environmental impact. The energy systems of SIRA allow to restrict the use of highly polluting fossil fuels and to bring clean electricity where it is currently not present and to support the economic development of rural countries and communities.

  • SIRA follows the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 in the conduct of its business. Its main products are certified according to ISO-9001. All the products of the company are CE marked also. The CE mark means "Conformité Européenne" and indicates that the product complies with the requirements of the Directives on security, public health, protect the customer.


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