Forza NEC program

By Act of the Italian Government no. 59 of 20/03/2009, on the AIR Multiannual Program no. SMD 01/2009, concerning the digitization of the main means, systems and components of a Forza NEC (Network Enabled Capabilities), SIRA has been specifically identified among the companies of national interest for the implementation of the Forza NEC program:
“As far as the industrial aspects of the Program are concerned, the illustrative document excludes the use of international cooperation initiatives.

The program should therefore be made by national operating industries in the mechanical, electronic, electromechanical, electro-optical and telecommunications sectors. In this respect, the document expressly identifies the following possible concerned companies : FINMECCANICA, IVECO, SIRA, ENGENEERING “.

Link: Camera Deputati_Forza Necc