Military tactical energy

LIRA 2019 Festival of the Transmissions of the Italian Army – June 2019 Rome Military City of Cecchignola – Command Transmissions. Presentation of the military tactical energy system.

SIRA Addestramento LIRA 2019

As per request of the Italian Army General Staff and in agreement with the 1° Transmission Regiment, SIRA will power the command post for the 1° Regiment with its Tactical Energy System, during military training LIRA 2019.

SIRA will also participate as sponsor in the Italian Army Transmissions Festival, which will be held in the Military City of Cecchignola and will end with the VIP Day of June 20, in the presence of numerous civil and military authorities.

In addition to our exhibition space, it will be possible to access the military tent exclusively dedicated to us and see our Tactical Energy System in operation, the performance achieved in the supply of energy at the Command Post and the Telemetry for Command and Remote Control dedicated to the Italian Army .