FareyeSIRA patented Fareye in 1997, one of the first systems of videoconferencing and communication ever developed in Italy.
Thanks to the quality of its audio and video signal, it is a system of sharing and communication that allows a use that goes far beyond the tasks usually assigned to video communication systems.
Fareye is the solution for:
· telework;
· remote Assistance;
· remote diagnostics;
· training online.

It permits users to communicate and to share files in safety mode, providing an opportunity to interact on the same documents at the same time, thought a sharing mechanism of screen and functionalities.

Fareye is the contact system, training and advice always on hand, available for next-generation mobiles.

Fareye INDUSTRY allows to make operations of Remote Monitoring, Remote diagnostics, remote assistance and Teletraining, with the result of achieving a significant reduction in costs and response times, customer satisfaction, the return of the image in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Fareye TELEMED is dedicated to the support and remote diagnostics in telemedicine.