GeniusSIRA has developed many systems in the multimedia area such as GENIUS, a commercial VideoServers, used in corporate communicationsThe Italian Post Office has installed more than 100 systems of GENIUS in some selected Italian Post Offices nationwide.

GENIUS QM is a sophisticated Queue Management system. Based on mathematical models, it optimizes the flow and overall performances of any business open to the public. Italian Post Offices has deployed over 4,000 systems of GENIUS QM throughout Italy.

GENIUS product line, designed and developed by SIRA, is addressed to the offices open to the public and is designed to manage the queue in a simple and convenient.

It also offers the opportunity to organizzare the time of the customers on hold and provides information and advertising.

GENIUS is the perfect combination of communication and technology and, thanks to a system of planning and control of queues, it is able to improve efficiency in service delivery.

It helps to promote the organization’s image through a program of videos , slides or audio seamlessly integrated with the visualization of the queue.

GENIUS allows customers to optimize their time by booking the turn of waiting and leave the office until the time of call. Customers can also book their turn of waiting from the Internet or mobile phones. And it allows the office to:
– determine the services booked, with the possibility of also providing a time of activation and deactivation for each individual service;
– monitor the status of queues;
– assign priorities to different branches based on predefined templates, or based on the needs of the queue;
– draw up a report that will help the constant improvement of the waiting time;
– advertise the business through video, pictures and audio playback or sell advertising space to third-party organizations;
– notify customers through public distribution channels;
– inform customers through messages on the office, tails, the opening or closing of branches.

Genius is a system composed of two main modules: Genius QM and Genius WEB.

Genius QM

GeniusQMGenius QM is the module of queue management.

It allows you to plan and control the supply of services in a simple and immediate, according to the structural characteristics of the office itself and the evolution of the state of the queues.

The structure is composed of:
– a server that hosts the engine for the queue management;
– a software that enables the operators to make calls;
– a display that signals the last number called;
– a display that summarizes the most recently dialed numbers for each service;
– a dispenser of reservation tickets.

The dispenser of the tickets is touchscreen and it is approved for the management of magnetic card in case it’s also necessary to recognize the user.

Genius Web

GeniusWebGenius Web is the module of Genius, perfectly integrated with GeniusQM, which allows the management to create and distribuite of audio, video and slides.
The system administrator has the opportunity to import and to create multimedia reproductions, and then send them to the managed offices.
The counter staff or the administrator of the office have the possibility to provide utilities messages on the display.


GENIUS can work in stand-alone mode, as a sole system installed in a single office, or in a network mode.
In this latest case, there is a central management software which has the task to manage and distribute the offers of the services for all the peripheral offices. The monitoring is possible in two ways: real time or with a daily report.